Pastoral Council

The Diocesan Pastoral Council investigates under the authority of the bishop all those things which pertain to pastoral works, to ponder them, and to propose practical conclusions about them. The council consists of Christian faithful who are in full communion with the Catholic Church, clerics, members of institutes of consecrated life and especially laypersons, who are designated in a manner determined by the diocesan bishop.

The Christian faithful who are appointed to the pastoral council are selected so that the entire portion of the people of God which constitutes the diocese is truly reflected, with due regard for the diverse regions, social conditions and professions of the diocese as well as the role which they have in the apostolate, either as individuals or in conjunction with others. No one except Christians of proven faith, good morals and outstanding prudence are to be appointed to the pastoral council.

The bishop calls the meetings of the pastoral council according to the necessities of the apostolate and presides over it; the pastoral council enjoys only a consultative vote; it is for the bishop alone to make public what has been done in the council. The council meets at least once a year according to Canon Law; in the Diocese of Portland the council schedules four meetings a year.

Members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council


   Most Reverend Robert P. Deeley, JCD
   Rev. Msgr. Marc Caron
   Sr. Rita-Mae Bissonnette, RSR

Appointed Members

    Mr. David Grant - Vicariate I, Cluster 4
    Mr. Joe Losquadro - Vicariate II, Cluster 11
    Ms. Julia Sockbeson - Vicariate II, Cluster 29
    Mr. John Bobrowiecki, Jr. - Vicariate III, Cluster 13
    Ms. Sandra Thompson, Vicariate IV, Cluster 16
    Mr. Christopher Crawford, Vicariate V, Cluster 22
    Mr. Kenneth Greenleaf, Vicariate VI, Cluster 25
    Ms. Mary Colombo, Vicariate VI, Cluster 26
The pastoral council is to be established for a period of time according to the prescriptions of the statutes which are issued by the bishop. When one bishop leaves and before the next makes new appointments, the pastoral council ceases to exist.